Sleek razors are currently only available in Norway and Sweden.

A trip to the supermarket

It all started with a trip to the local supermarket to shop for lasagne. The only thing I needed was ground beef - and then it was my time to buy new razor blades to my girlfriend and I.

Confused by the high prices and the huge selection I randomly grabbed a pack of four razors for my girlfriend and four for myself, hoping they would fit our razors. I continued to the cashregister and paid for my groundbeef and the razor blades. But something wasn’t right. As I stopped on my way out of the store I took a look at the receipt. It was 500 danish crones! At that moment I realised that there had to be an alternative to the expensive razors, and the idea for SLEEK came to me.

From here on I started exploring the world of razors and had many visits to suppliers and factories throughout the world. But I chose only the best supplier who could deliver a quality that enthusiasts would approve.

The love story behind

Shaving made simple

Shaving made simple

How often have you forgot to purchase new razor blades? Often resulting in torturing your skin with the same old dull blade which you should have tossed away five shaves ago. The enthusiastic mindset is only the best is good enough. That is why we take the worry of sore and irritated skin after a shave away from you. You do not even have to worry about buying any more razor blades. That is all in the past - from now on we will deliver your new high quality razors directly home to you.

The better alternative

The better alternative

Most of us have had to choose between expensive branded razors or the cheap of low quality that leaves your skin irritated, itchy and filled with red buds. We realised there had to be a better alternative. Even good razors should be fairly priced and the quality should be at the same level as the well-know expensive brands. That is why we as enthusiasts took the initiative to start SLEEK.

To help you

To help you

We want to help you get a smoother shave. And just like you, we do not want unpredictable surprises - and that is why our concept is as simple as it can get. Through your personal profile page you have the overview of your membership, and you can cancel your membership from day to day with no commitment.

Quality does not equal expensive

Quality does not equal expensive

Quality is often associated with being expensive. We want to break the illusion with our alternative. Our razors are at least as good as the expensive branded razors - but the price is fair so everybody can enjoy them. Switching to our razors means you will no longer be funding fancy TV-ads, high rents or expensive sponsorships - you will just pay for your razor, and no more.

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